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Welcome to the Blakats blog!

by Gilbert "G-Funk" Alipui on 11/03/13

Dear friends, 

As you know, we have been holed up in the studio for a while working on Don’t Feed the Animals.  We are proud to welcome aboard our co-conspirator, multi-talented producer, beat-master, vocal arranger, keyboardist, and rapper Donald "Dee-Man" Poole! Those of you who know Donnie and have worked with him will recognize his influence throughout our CD. It has been quite an experience, bringing this project to fruition.  

We've endured financial meltdowns, snowstorms, computer crashes, baby mama drama etc. But BlaKats are a great bunch of guys, always ready to assist each other through tough times, and most importantly, always striving to get back up when life delivers a smack-down!  With the support of you, our family, friends, and fans, we have persevered, weathered the storm, and finally completed this project.  We are happy to present our latest CD to you. We hope you have as much fun jamming to it as that we had recording it.  Let us know what you think.

This new CD is just the first step in what we hope will be a successful campaign to bring our positive vibe, music, and stories to people all over the world.  We are putting the band together right now, so check back soon for the lineup and for updates on upcoming events. There are also videos in the works.   If all goes according to plan, you should be seeing us in your neighborhood very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the music and remember Christmas holidays are right around the corner, so take advantage of our sale on CDBaby (MUSIC STORE link at left) and buy this HOT new BlaKats CD as a gift for your friends and family. Thank you!

Peace, and God bless.

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